Start as a copper coin and search for more. When you find fellow coins they become playable, allowing you to swap between them freely. Combine lower denomination coins into larger ones by gathering enough coins to perform the dark sacrament.

Once you get the platinum coin, worth 100 copper coins, you are shiny and valuable enough to be noticed by the people sitting on the couch. Climb to the top of the level, where the light shines down between the cushions, and be plucked out of purgatory and into the wonders beyond!

A/D   - move left/right
Q/E   - cycle characters
Space - jump
S     - perform the dark sacrament (when prompted)

Controller supported, but joystick didn't work while testing. Buttons listed for xbox controller.
D   - pad for left/right X/B - cycle characters (L/R buttons might work, didn't with my controller)
A   - jump
Y   - perform the dark sacrament (when prompted)

Built with the Godot Engine, GIMP, and Audacity
Sound Effects made at


Linux 41 MB
Mac 42 MB
Windows 39 MB

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